Let's talk about family sessions

You've officially booked your family session, YAY! Time to get excited, and plan all the things... Whether this is your first or tenth session, it's important you make the most of it - because let's face it, we invest in these memories because time FLIES by.. So, I've gathered these tips and tricks over the years, and I hope you find it useful to prepare for your session!

Finding the right photographer

This one seems obvious, but it is more than just booking someone to capture pretty pictures for you. Finding your photographer is the most important tip I can give you because it can make or break your session. You want to find someone who fits your style, you ultimately jive with them, and you love their art. You want them to connect with you AND your kids, and you must trust them completely. It is our job to make you feel at ease, and to capture your family in the most authentic way.

How to style your session

I have a ton of tips and tricks here, but I want you to ultimately feel COMFORTABLE. Dress for the weather and the location. Stay away from bright colours and busy tones. Choose outfits that compliment each other. SHOP YOUR OWN CLOSET. Bottom line is I'm here to help you make the most out of your session, so never hesitate to reach out, ask for help, send photos, or heck even bring multiple outfits to your session.

Advice on preparing for your session, with kiddos

Let's be honest, kids will be kids. So, LET THEM BE KIDS. I can't stress this enough - please don't worry about "how the kids will be" or "what if there is a meltdown" or "my kids hate photos" ... I don't care. This is about capturing your memories and this time in your life, so CHEESE isn't real life. Real life and real moments are full of cake pops, snuggles, kisses, holding hands, chasing your kids around the field, laughing, tickles, and all of the above. The last thing you need to worry about is your child behaving or misbehaving. It honestly makes no difference in my books, because I am here to capture you just as you are.